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We define international. Our expertise is to help U.S companies in reaching globalclients through specialized consultancy, training and multimedia platforms

aboutglobal offers international promotion & marketing services for companies interested in a global presence. We specialize in overseas property / real estate sectors and other related industries.

aboutglobal manages, partners and promotes a variety of multimedia platforms that are always consumer facing and designed to appeal to an affluent international clientele that has interest in US real estate investment (residential & commercial), immigration, international taxation, enrolling children into the US school system, expansion of business interests to the US and purchase of business and commercial enterprise.

aboutglobal clients are those companies who are interested in meeting and getting their business in front of these consumers.

There are times when our clients may fall outside this general area such as international businesses looking to promote within the USA / real estate developers in countries outside the USA interested in global connection / International exhibitions interested in a U.S presence and promotion / International associations requesting representation / publications interested in collaboration, etc.

More generalized marketing & promotion services are available for companies outside the above listed scope under aboutlocal. Any questions? Contact us.

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