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Our Services

We specialize in a variety of services designed to promote international USA companies looking to meet affluent global clients and business network globally. Our multimedia platforms range from online and print publications to web connectivity focused on real estate, investment, lifestyle, immigration, exhibitions along with a variety of services designed to assist US based companies go global.

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What we do locally


aboutlocal has a large scope of services including advertising, design, branding, interactive media and content writing. If you are considering to implement an advertising campaign, we offer effective, targeted consultancy.

We do both traditional and digital campaigns. The design services we can provide could vary from print, online, multimedia and marketing based web-design. The interactive side of aboutlocal can be used for online campaigns, microsites and social media.

We provide branding in the form of strategy, positioning and identity. We can also provide other brand features such as designation, logos, systems and guidelines. We also write content for web purposes and videos for digital use.

What we do globally


aboutglobal is our international platform that organizes and promotes international property exhibitions on a global scale. The exhibitions provide a unique, innovative platform of advertising and other features to ensure a successful show. Our expos attract prestigious industry leading exhibitors in fields like; immigration, taxation, banking, property management, EB-5 Centers and education.

aboutglobal can provide you with international marketing strategies, in-country PR & media buys, multi-cultural design solutions, multi-lingual social media, multi-lingual digital & print design, international digital marketing, interantional sales & marketing consultancy and international partnership management